Notes from a meat eating web master…

What if you are NOT a fan of BBQ? Fair question…. I have not yet established ‘the protocol’ for this site. (Protocol = ‘rules of communication’). I should think that this does NOT matter. For example, I have NOT lived in Arizona ALL of my life. I just got here as quick as I could! (Opps used that as a comment somewhere around here.) Sign-up (here) to see if you can participate. You can ‘Opt’ to quit, any time. I think the proposed antics on these pages will work with all kinds of Americans, Veterans, and Mid-Western Folks.
Why NOT treat yourself to some Divine BBQ? 

Also fair. Imagine MY dilemma. What if, I write an testimonial and alienate 50 percent of my readers? I think one of our rules (here) should be, that if you hear something here you don’t like;  email your webmaster (me, via this site) and declare it a ‘strike’ or an ‘out’ to that webmaster’s written and an unacceptable written transgression or oversight. The baseball purest in me beckons to remind those of you reading this, that each team in a baseball game gets to make 27 such ‘outs’ and three times that number of ‘strikes’, just for a single game!

Now if a handsome young man hands you a BBQ sandwich you really enjoy, I would think. “TIPS”! Look at that man, doesn’t he look just like Alexander Hamilton?

(I am referring to the image on each and every 10 dollar bill. Not the Broadway play).

They (Tips) are always appreciated.


Not all of the baseball games that I recall were ‘crazy’! Some had great company, excellent, subdued freeway traffic, short lines to a rest room, a magnificent walk around a ‘new’ facility, a ‘star’ player appearance, a really great ‘hot dog’, scorecard or a five-year old fan sitting near you, picking-up a home run from the left field bleacher floor and throwing it back, into left field. (It can happen!)

You SHOULD give your Webmaster as many  ‘working with you’ attempts, as you do your Doctor, Lawyer, Financial Planner, Pastor, political party, (save one), spouse, children and 5-year-old children sitting near you (they are always ‘bouncing’ around!)

Think of this as my ‘Mulligan’ talk.

John Holmgren

Photo is ‘Oliver Norgren’and his Great-Grand-Mother ‘Bernice Elizabeth Malm’, both at 6 months of age. BBQ eaters grow up fast!